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Starlux Cosmile is most likely to Match Status based on 21 of 27 submitted reports (78%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Starlux Cosmile

United Airlines MileagePlus to Starlux Cosmile

Top tier to top tier. Matched for 4 years. Just went through the normal status challenge page and sent the stuff. They were pretty thorough...

Asiana Club to Starlux Cosmile

We are regret to inform you that Diamond Card of Asiana Airlines is not included in this program now.

Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer to Starlux Cosmile

1. Went to StarLux Cosmile website to enroll the membership on 12DEC20
2. Filled in status match form which can be downloaded from the...

Avianca LifeMiles to Starlux Cosmile

Followed all the instructions according to the website and other recommendations here. I received an email within a week, no further...

Air Europa Suma to Starlux Cosmile

Followed the instruction of the link above. Sent the application form with...

American Airlines AAdvantage to Starlux Cosmile

Followed instructions on STARLUX website:
Sent application via e-mail and got denial...

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to Starlux Cosmile

Completed the form on the Starlux website.After one month i was matched to Explorer. The status is valid for 4 years.

TudoAzul to Starlux Cosmile

Thank you for contacting STARLUX Airlines!

We are regret to inform you that since Diamante Card of Azul airlines is not included in this...

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