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Marriott Bonvoy is most likely to Match Status based on 16 of 34 submitted reports (47%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Marriott Bonvoy

Hilton HHonors to Marriott Bonvoy

Send mail to marriottrewards@marriott-service.com. They didn't give me the status match. However, status challenge is provided.
8 nights...

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Reports for leveraging status with Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy to National Emerald Club

Set up my profile on National
Went to the status match page (https://status.emeraldclub.com/)
Uploaded a screenshot of my status with...

Marriott Bonvoy to National Emerald Club

Submitted online form and attached pdf 2-page printout from my Marriott profile Overview page. Received confirmation from National of...

Marriott Bonvoy to National Emerald Club

Did a screenshot of my Bonvoy card account screen from Apple Wallet (to show full name) and uploaded via...

Marriott Bonvoy to National Emerald Club

Send screenshots from Bonvoy mobile app. Got a reply after 1 day accepting the match status.

However it is taking time to actually see...

Marriott Bonvoy to National Emerald Club


Sent match request through web form. Included screenshot of iOS app showing Gold Elite. Received request...

Marriott Bonvoy to Shangri-La Golden Circle

deny, they said they do not offer any kind of status match

Marriott Bonvoy to National Emerald Club

used national status match website. Took 3 days to get approval

Marriott Bonvoy to Choice Privileges

Emailed Status_Match@choicehotels.com with screenshot of my Marriott profile (name, Ambassador status, membership number) that shows my 26k...