Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Report: Match

From American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum
To Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan MVP Gold

On 02/08/17, I requested MVP Gold from AA Platinum using only a screenshot of my AA account webpage, showing over 50k miles flown on AA last year. I could not find my 2016 AA status card (assuming I ever saw it), so I couldn't submit a front/back copy/scan of it. I am pretty sure I have/had not yet received a 2017 AA status card. I checked my Alaska Airlines status early on 02/25/17 because I was flying on Alaska Airlines that day; I hadn't yet received the status match. As of 03/03/17, I am now MVP Gold, so I got matched sometime between 02/25/17 and 03/03/17. So it took ~17-23 days for my status match request to be granted.
MVP Gold
Executive Platinum
MVP Gold 75K
From: Guest on March 4, 2017