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Recent Status Match Reports


Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Easy! Submitted screenshot and took 2 days to update the account.

La Quinta Returns

I sent an email to with a screenshot of my status at Radisson, and status match was confirmed within 15...

GHA Discovery

This matching is more interesting that any hotel status matching as you won't need to pass the challenge (of the 1st stay) AND match you at...

Best Western Rewards

Send email to

BW-Rewards number
Copy status

Match within 10 minutes

Aerolineas Plus

Sent it 2x once to the available mail dec 20th, once to buonfiglo, the girl who should be handling it.Never ever got a response. Who...

American Airlines AAdvantage

Wanted a free challenge after having been PT before,now Gold which is nothing , they sent me this BS.
Paid Challenge, no status while...

Marriott Rewards

Starwood Platinum Liaison <>

Thank you for contacting Platinum Liaison concerning your...

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

Sent a copy of my KrisFlyer Gold Elite card and my account statement to Turkish Airlines with their feedfack form and recieved quickly the...