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StatusMatcher.com is provided to you on condition that you abide by all the terms and conditions listed here. By using the site in any manner, you agree to the terms listed here. If you do not accept all of the terms listed here, please do not use the website.

User Submissions

By submitting content to StatusMatcher.com, via email, web form, or other method, you agree to allow CTS to use this content in any way. This may include translating, reducing, paraphrasing, publishing, or creating derivative works based on this content. This content may or may not be attributed to you based on the name provided by you. CTS takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for the content of user submissions.


CTS does not require users to provide personal details to access and read site content.

When users submit feedback or new reports to StatusMatcher.com, the IP address and user-provided alias are stored along with the content provided. The IP address is collected for purposes of reducing spam or duplicate submissions. The user alias is collected for the purpose of attributing comments or reports to a particular site user.

When users rate individual reports with the thumbs up/down functionality, cookies are used on the user's client machine to indicate that the user has voted on the particular report. These cookies are used to prevent the user from voting on the same report multiple times.

StatusMatcher.com does make use of third party advertising services, including Google AdSense. User browsing patterns may be tracked by these third party services, by use of cookies or other web technology, in an effort to provide relevant advertisements. The privacy policies governing this type of tracking are not managed by CTS, but by the third party advertising firms themselves.


The content on StatusMatcher.com is provided without any warranty whatsoever. CTS provides no guarantees as to the accuracy or timeliness of data shown on StatusMatcher.com. As loyalty program policies may change at any time and for no particular reason, users of StatusMatcher.com should understand that any particular reports or other information found on the site may no longer be valid.