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Wyndham Rewards

Used the link from the Caesar Rewards page here:
Instantly matched from...

WestJet Rewards

Their status match offer with other North American airlines finished Dec 15th
Sent in my status with photo proof of my AAdvantage Platinum...

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

The status match is until December 31st 2019
Status match approval only took a few hours after being sent in to get upgraded to their...

Delta SkyMiles

From Platinum Pro.
Submitted through Delta's status match page, with 1) picture of my iPhone Wallet member card + 2) Statement from app...

WestJet Rewards

Email deny within 2 hrs

World of Hyatt

Declined stating they do not match status or offer challenges

Lufthansa Miles and More

Inquiry by email, with polite but clear 'No"

National Emerald Club

Upload screenshot of user profile to online form. Get a match email in 1 day.