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Recent Status Match Reports


Finnair Plus

Send an E-Mail to with copy of my gold AB card and TK Elite Plus card with the last statments. Was granted...

AirBaltic PINS

"It is not possible to match tier status"

Best Western Rewards

Just sent them copy of my Intercontinental Ambassador and got. Diamond

Air Canada Altitude

Sent email to with screenshots of Qantas account, recent activity, and my confirmed next business class trip with...

S7 Priority

The current promotion is not availaible for already existing members of S7 Priority.

Sixt Cards

Enter best western membership when apply for ne member. It automaticly change to platinum for you.

British Airways Executive Club

Took part in the event. I didnt participate as German address but Australian one. Have sucess got my Bronze status. Although its useless.

Emirates Skywards

Thank you for your patience.

As promised, we've reviewed your request for a status match to Silver based on your flying record with...