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Air Berlin topbonus is most likely to Match Status based on 191 of 258 submitted reports (74%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Air Berlin topbonus

Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus to Air Berlin topbonus

Just put an german adress and got matched

United Airlines MileagePlus to Air Berlin topbonus

Sent an e mail with a picture of my physical card and got matched in 2 days.

Lufthansa Miles and More to Air Berlin topbonus

Sent them a scan of my silver card. In addition they requested confirmation (ID) of my place of residence in Switzerland (as a non-Swiss...

GOL Smiles to Air Berlin topbonus

Dear Mr XXX,
thank you for your E-Mail and your Status Match request.

Unfortunately a status match is not possible.

This offer is...

Etihad Guest to Air Berlin topbonus

Email, you have to live in Germany.

Alitalia MilleMiglia to Air Berlin topbonus

I created a new account in the topbonus. With a German address for the family. In less than 48 hours the status match made.

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Reports for leveraging status with Air Berlin topbonus

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

Go to
Send a copy of your TB card and the completed form from the web page to...

Air Berlin topbonus to El Al Matmid Club

Please note that Air Berlin is not included in this special promotion of ELAL membership status match.
Therefore, we can't match your...

Air Berlin topbonus to British Airways Executive Club

BA is officially offering status match for Air Berlin TopBonus customers residents in...

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

Sent email to and provided a copy of my airberlin gold card and my Iberia Plus number. Confirmation received within 2...

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

Asked for status match based on the currently advertised promotion for Airberlin customers. Recieved the following reply:


Air Berlin topbonus to Finnair Plus

Sent the request to the email provided on the website, and I was matched 5 days later with the "welcome to Finnair Plus" email in my inbox.

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

AB Gold/AB Platinum/LH Senator/LH HON->Iberia Oro (Sapphire)
AB Silver/LH Frequent...

Air Berlin topbonus to Finnair Plus

Requested a status match via email ( and sent a copy of my mile account and a copy of my topbonus card and received the...