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Air Berlin topbonus to American Airlines AAdvantage

Asked for the challenge and provided my exisiting! AAdvantage and Topbonus Numbers.
I got some days later the offer to take part of the...

Air Berlin topbonus to Finnair Plus

updated in couple of days

Air Berlin topbonus to Qatar Airways Privilege Club

Thank you for writing to Privilege Club.

Our sincere apologies for the delay in replying to you.

With reference to your email, we...

Air Berlin topbonus to Finnair Plus

Registered via the Finnair website:
You will have to enter your Finnair plus number...

Air Berlin topbonus to Air France Flying Blue

Submitted by email to flyingBlue, including cards. Got a call an hour later stating they can't match me. The rep went over all the possible...

Air Berlin topbonus to Finnair Plus

Matched my almost expired AB Gold card (status expired at end of October) to Finnair around 26 October - less than 1 week before the status...