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Reports for obtaining status with AirBaltic PINS

Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus to AirBaltic PINS

My boyfriend matched from SAS Diamond to VIP. Tried to match my Goldcard. Took a few days and then it was matched.

Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus to AirBaltic PINS

I followed the instructions on this page:

Got matched in 1 day.

Aegean Airlines Miles and Bonus to AirBaltic PINS

Dear XXX,

Thank You for contacting loyalty programme PINS!

We regret to inform that unfortunately Your current Aegean Miles+Bonus...

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to AirBaltic PINS

Just sign up and send an email like explained on the website . Got this email within...

Lufthansa Miles and More to AirBaltic PINS

Easiest status match
Works with finnair lufthansa and SAS

Thank You for contacting loyalty program PINS!

We kindly inform that we...

Finnair Plus to AirBaltic PINS

To submit your match request, please provide us with your PINS number, a copy of another valid airline loyalty card and account statement...

Finnair Plus to AirBaltic PINS

Make your travel experience even more comfortable by joining the airBaltic Club loyalty program and enjoy all the perks of being a VIP...

Air France Flying Blue to AirBaltic PINS

I wrote:

Hello, I would like to request status match. See attached documents: Scanned copy of Air France/KLM Flying Blue card, account...

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