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Reports for obtaining status with Alitalia MilleMiglia

Lufthansa Miles and More to Alitalia MilleMiglia

A few weeks ago I sent an email to (as seen here at previous reports), with a copy of the...

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Reports for leveraging status with Alitalia MilleMiglia

Alitalia MilleMiglia to TAP MilesAndGo

Attached a photo of my status card after about a week I received an email requesting to buy either miles or a tap club membership. After...

Alitalia MilleMiglia to LATAM Pass

Contacted via website - best to write in Spanish. Stated I was travelling regularly to Latin America and wanted to move my business to...

Alitalia MilleMiglia to British Airways Executive Club

I tried to ask for Status Match from Twitter. I have future flights enough to be Silver, but a shortcut with SM was denied. It's a shame,...

Alitalia MilleMiglia to United Airlines MileagePlus

First request was denied stating lack of information as a reason even though the screenshot showed all the necessary information. Sent in a...

Alitalia MilleMiglia to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

Followed instructions. Response by email asking for passport, status card and flight history. Outcome as follows: "Miles&Smiles members who...