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Avianca Brazil Amigo is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 2 of 2 submitted reports (100%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Avianca Brazil Amigo

LATAM Pass to Avianca Brazil Amigo

Contacted by e-mail ( and, got a reply in some hours saying that, at that time,...

TudoAzul to Avianca Brazil Amigo

Contacted via online chat and sent my card. They answered that a Match was not possible because they don't offer any Status Match.

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Reports for leveraging status with Avianca Brazil Amigo

Avianca Brazil Amigo to Copa Airlines ConnectMiles

no solidarity between Star Alliance companies, as Avianca Brazil went bankrupt and everyone lost their status

Avianca Brazil Amigo to Ethiopian Airlines ShebaMiles

Send eMail - they replied that Ethopian currently does not offer any status matches

Avianca Brazil Amigo to LATAM Pass

I sent my TudoAzul Diamond card, my avianca Brazil Star Alliance card and my Smiles Diamond card but my match was refused.