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Avis Preferred is most likely to Match Status based on 25 of 39 submitted reports (64%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Avis Preferred

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Avis Preferred

I sent a request to be matched to President’s Club but was only upgraded to Preferred Plus.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Avis Preferred

UK Hertz Gold Rewards to Avis Preferred Plus.

Emailed database.northern@bsc.avis-europe.com with a copy of my Hertz card and online...

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Avis Preferred

Email to database.northern@bsc.avis-europe.com (this address valid for the UK resident) with screenshots of Hertz account page and Hertz...

Enterprise Plus to Avis Preferred

Was given an address from our corporate travel of a person with Avis who would handle status matching. 3 attempts and she never responded....

National Emerald Club to Avis Preferred

Sent an email to profile.update@avisbudget.com last night with a screenshot of executive emerald apple wallet card last night, and status...

Sixt Cards to Avis Preferred

Email with Card scan. Got a reply I have to show them screenshots of my last reservations.
60min later I got upgraded to Preferred Plus.

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Reports for leveraging status with Avis Preferred

Avis Preferred to Sixt Cards

Upon registering with Sixt they asked if I had status with any other company. Simply stated Avis Presidents Club and attached a scan of my...

Avis Preferred to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Submitted request to match my Avis President's Club status to Hertz President's Circle at hertzstatusmatch@hertz.com. Match accepted in...

Avis Preferred to Europcar Privilege

Emailed privilege-card@europcar.com. I was upgraded within three days.

Avis Preferred to Enterprise Plus

Filled up the form on their status match website. I was upgraded within less than two days.

Avis Preferred to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Emailed hertzstatusmatch@hertz.com and requested to status match my Avis President’s Club membership to Hertz President’s Circle. I was...

Avis Preferred to Sixt Cards

Emailed sixtcard@sixt.com and requested Diamond but they upgraded my membership from Gold to Platinum within less than three hours. This is...

Avis Preferred to National Emerald Club

Filled up the form on their status match website.

Note: I was upgraded from “Executive”.

Avis Preferred to Sixt Cards

Filled out application after registering and uploaded PDF of Avis email