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Avis Preferred is most likely to Match Status based on 36 of 42 submitted reports (86%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Avis Preferred

Sixt Cards to Avis Preferred

Requested to match from Sixt Platinum to Avis President's Club. I already had the Avis Preferred Plus Status.
Answer "We are not allowed...

Sixt Cards to Avis Preferred

Sent an email to Profile.Update@avisbudget.com requesting my status match. It took just 1 day to receive the confirmation.

Sixt Cards to Avis Preferred

Sent email to Avis Profile.Update@avisbudget.com with a copy of my sixt profile screen shot
Got upgraded after 4 days to presidents club!

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Avis Preferred

Emailed above address with screenshot of my Hertz profile showing status. Took about one day for a...

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Avis Preferred

Called and was told Avis doesn't match status.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Avis Preferred

Emailed Avis my Hertz Gold Five Star card and was upgraded to Avis Preferred Plus.

Sixt Cards to Avis Preferred

Yesterday I emailed Avis Preferred and requested a Status Match from Sixt Platinum to a comparable status with them. I received an email...

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Avis Preferred

Got tier 2 Avis preferred plus after status match, claimed by agent that has the same benefits as president's club. they responded in 1 day.

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Reports for leveraging status with Avis Preferred

Avis Preferred to Enterprise Plus

Really simple. Just go to:
Received confirmation the following day.

Avis Preferred to Sixt Cards

Stated, no matching available to any Status.
Asked via Facebook (Sixt Austria)

Avis Preferred to Europcar Privilege

Sent proof of status with Hertz, Avis, and Sixt, and was told that Europcar do not match other companies' status.