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Avis Preferred is most likely to Match Status based on 45 of 57 submitted reports (79%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Avis Preferred

Enterprise Plus to Avis Preferred

Was given an address from our corporate travel of a person with Avis who would handle status matching. 3 attempts and she never responded....

National Emerald Club to Avis Preferred

Sent an email to profile.update@avisbudget.com last night with a screenshot of executive emerald apple wallet card last night, and status...

Sixt Cards to Avis Preferred

Email with Card scan. Got a reply I have to show them screenshots of my last reservations.
60min later I got upgraded to Preferred Plus.

Sixt Cards to Avis Preferred

Sent an email asking for a status match with sixt card screenshot. 3 days later replied saying that there is no status match offers outside...

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Avis Preferred

Called they said they could but to email so i emailed and then they denied. Wtf

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Avis Preferred

Emailed profile.update@avisbudget.com with wizard number and proof of status, got it upgraded in a few days.

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Reports for leveraging status with Avis Preferred

Avis Preferred to Sixt Cards

I requested a match by Sixt via facebook. answer came within 1hour. They just needed a copy of my Avis-Preferred Plus Status and my Sixt...

Avis Preferred to Enterprise Plus

filled in the form on the status match page on enterprise website. Sent screen shot of my Avis online account.
got a response same...

Avis Preferred to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Sent email to statusmatch@hertz.com with the requested info, got match in two days.

Avis Preferred to National Emerald Club

It took several attempts at submitting information on National’s web portal. Had to make 2 phone calls to supervisor. But it worked and...

Avis Preferred to National Emerald Club

Works with EMEA-based Avis Preferred Presidents Club (which can be reached with just 10 rentals / 2k€)

Welcome to Emerald Club...

Avis Preferred to Enterprise Plus

Really simple. Just go to:
Received confirmation the following day.