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TudoAzul is most likely to offer a Challenge based on 3 of 4 submitted reports (75%).

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Reports for obtaining status with TudoAzul

GOL Smiles to TudoAzul

Send email to , for Diamond and Sapphire you have to send a photo of your physical card, or a photo of your...

GOL Smiles to TudoAzul

send email to and ask status match, they replied in 3 days.

Sua categoria vale muito mais...

TAP Victoria to TudoAzul

Email address to :

Request for elite status matching procedure:
- Send email with picture of PHYSIC...

Air New Zealand Airpoints to TudoAzul

Emailed a photo of my still-valid *G Air NZ card to I appear to have been given a challenge, requiring me to earn...

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Reports for leveraging status with TudoAzul

TudoAzul to GOL Smiles

online chat, attendant didn't even know what a Status Match is

TudoAzul to United Airlines MileagePlus

Thanks for taking the time to write to us.

We appreciate your interest in the Premier Status Match Challenge; however, we do not...

TudoAzul to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

They deny without explain the reasons

TudoAzul to Avianca Brazil Amigo

Valido até 31/03/2018

TudoAzul to LATAM Pass

Valido até 31/03/2018

TudoAzul to TAP Victoria

Sent to ""

Caro Sr.,

Informamos que cada Programa de Passageiro Frequente é gerido pela...

TudoAzul to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

The request were made through online form. The response was:
Please be informed that only Star Alliance (Gold), Skyteam (Elite Plus),...