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Air Berlin topbonus is most likely to Match Status based on 2 of 3 submitted reports (67%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Air Berlin topbonus

Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus to Air Berlin topbonus

I emailed:

Hi, is it possible to match my Diamond status from Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Eurobonus? See...

Aegean Airlines Miles and Bonus to Air Berlin topbonus

Delay in replying, contacted them again by email and got a rather rude reply to say that “The conditions of the offer had not...

Air France Flying Blue to Air Berlin topbonus

That was easy : just had to send my Flying blue card in picture and address in Germany... and they matched me within a day


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Reports for leveraging status with Air Berlin topbonus

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

I send request in November 2017, today (5 April 2018) I recived email that I was matched to Iberia Oro (Gold)

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

We regret to let you know that it is not possible to apply the benefits of the Tier Match Promotion since this one ended on the 1st of...

Air Berlin topbonus to British Airways Executive Club

I have sent several EMails to the British Airways Executive Club. I have sent many proofs and also a copy of my ID. They have replied only...

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

I sent an email to iberia campeign but unfortunately doesn't work. Someone know another email to send in order to get the status match?...

Air Berlin topbonus to Finnair Plus

Following the instructions on this page and sent the email on Feb 4. Got a reply on...

Air Berlin topbonus to British Airways Executive Club

I followed the BAEC instructions for the Air Berlin status match from November 2017

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

I followed the Iberia Plus status match instructions for Air Berlin / topbonus from November 2017.

Air Berlin topbonus to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

Provided copy of passport, scan of card and account statement. Denied after two days.