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Best Western Rewards is most likely to Match Status based on 59 of 62 submitted reports (95%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Best Western Rewards

GHA Discovery to Best Western Rewards

Thank you for your Status Match No Catch request. To upgrade your Best
Western Rewards account to the...

Wyndham Rewards to Best Western Rewards

Status transfer requested in the form
Proof of nights in Wyndham's account sent by email
after 4 days the status was adjusted

IHG Rewards Club to Best Western Rewards

Matched via the status match form on the Best Western website ( ...

Radisson Rewards to Best Western Rewards

I first matched from LeClub Accor to radisson gold an from LeClub Accor Gold to Best Western Diamond.
I unfortunatly afterwards tried to...

Le Club Accorhotels to Best Western Rewards

via status match site!
But I recommand first match to radissson and then to best western to get diamond select

H-Hotels HotMiles to Best Western Rewards

Sent the form and they gave me Diamond status immediately.

Marriott Bonvoy to Best Western Rewards

Filled out online form and confirmed number of night credits from this year (no proof needed). I was matched to Platinum on the same day.

Marriott Bonvoy to Best Western Rewards

Used best western link from there web site, they then emailed me asking for a copy showing my last 12 months stay with Bonvoy, I always...

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