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Enterprise Plus is most likely to Match Status based on 8 of 10 submitted reports (80%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Enterprise Plus

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Enterprise Plus

24 hours after sending the status match request to the dedicated email the match was confirmed by email.
I uploaded a screenshot of my...

Sixt Cards to Enterprise Plus

Feedback: Thanks for your email. We only status match with Hertz and Avis. Please resubmit a copy of your Hertz or Avis card.

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Reports for leveraging status with Enterprise Plus

Enterprise Plus to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Sent an email to hertzstatusmatch@hertz.com with hertz account info & a screenshot of my enterprise app screen showing platinum. Matched in...

Enterprise Plus to Avis Preferred

@everyone they do Not Match... the preferred plus is base Level... you get that anyway by just signing up. And it does Not come with useful...

Enterprise Plus to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

I am an Enterprise Platinum member. I requested a status match to the Hertz President's Circle today. I went to the Hertz status match...

Enterprise Plus to Avis Preferred

Sent an Email to profile.update@avisbudget.com with my Avis Wizard number, screenshot of Enterprise Plus card and rental history.