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Etihad Guest is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 3 of 4 submitted reports (75%).

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Etihad Guest to Qatar Airways Privilege Club

I contacted them via email and received a form letter a few days later with the following:

We do not have policy of tier status match...

Etihad Guest to Oman Air Sindbad

Contact via email. Proof requested after 2 days. Match received within 5 days.

Etihad Guest to Oman Air Sindbad

Sent an email to Sindabd CS with copy of EY gold card, added my recent flight activity and a booking with them. I also added straight away...

Etihad Guest to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

Emailed using feedback form and they required a bit more info. After 24 hours matched to Elite. Very quick and easy.

Etihad Guest to Oman Air Sindbad

Denied , sent all the relevant documents to Sinbad , I would have retained Etihad Gold for 2019 , never received a reply

Etihad Guest to Aerolineas Plus

The email is not available anymore.

Etihad Guest to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

Shared National ID, Etihad gold card and 2-month statement scan. Process took 3 days.

Etihad Guest to Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club

Sent copy of my Etihad Gold card with last 12 months flights on EK/EY and a booking reference on CX later this month, replied in 4 days...