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Summary of Past Requests

Etihad Guest is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 27 of 30 submitted reports (90%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Etihad Guest

Lufthansa Miles and More to Etihad Guest

Mail with photo of senator Card and Account Balance

ANA Mileage Club to Etihad Guest

Now they don't have any campaign of status match from ANA to Etihad.

Air Berlin topbonus to Etihad Guest

Currently no match offers

Gulf Air Falconflyer to Etihad Guest

Thank you for your email.

We currently do not have any Tier match promotions and hence we regret our inability to consider your...

Malaysia Airlines Enrich to Etihad Guest

We do have status match offer periodically. However, we do not have prior notification on when the offer would be introduced again....

Asiana Club to Etihad Guest

Denied - very polite email advising me no promotion at this time.

Avianca Brazil Amigo to Etihad Guest

asked for a Status Match to Ethiad Gold, 5 days later I got an e-mail saying that they dont have any status match promotion at this time.

Qantas Frequent Flyer to Etihad Guest

Emailed my Qantas activity statement to and requested match. It was denied:

Etihad Guest...

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Reports for leveraging status with Etihad Guest

Etihad Guest to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

request upgrade and share copy of Ethida card, ID and a transaction log of Etihad activities (which was empty in my case).

Etihad Guest to United Airlines MileagePlus

90 Days Challenge to earn 15,000 Miles

Etihad Guest to Virgin America Elevate

Send a Mail to Virgin America with your Gold Card.

Etihad Guest to Alitalia MilleMiglia

Originally sent email to and had some back and forth as the screen shot of my Etihad Guest card (from...

Etihad Guest to Air Berlin topbonus

Email, you have to live in Germany.

Etihad Guest to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

I messaged them via their online messaging system last week, with a photo of my Gold Etihad card and my transactions. Today I got an email...

Etihad Guest to Alitalia MilleMiglia

I emailed two weeks back. They emailed me last week to say that my card was not clear. So I sent them...