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Europcar Privilege is most likely to Match Status based on 13 of 20 submitted reports (65%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Europcar Privilege

Sixt Cards to Europcar Privilege

Mail to with picture of my SIXT Platinum Card and Europcar ID, answer within hours.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Europcar Privilege

Within less than two hours I upgraded my status first to Executive with my Lufthansa Frequent Flyer (Silver Status) and than asked to match...

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Europcar Privilege

Send mail to

Hello Europcar Marketing / Partnership Team,
I am a longlasting Hertz Customer within...

National Emerald Club to Europcar Privilege

Does not Work with National Emerald Club.

only Accept Sixt, Avis and Hertz
See answer below

Dear Customer,
Thank you for your...

Avis Preferred to Europcar Privilege

Emailed I was upgraded within three days.

Europcar Privilege

Was successful in obtaining a status match through this person online. I highly recommend him. If you want a status match to Europcar...

Sixt Cards to Europcar Privilege

Send email to
After send a print copy of Status see the answer:

Dear Customer,
Thank you for...

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Europcar Privilege

Emailed with copy of Hertz Gold Plus rewards card along with rental 3 weeks ago.
A bit ambitious asking for...

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Reports for leveraging status with Europcar Privilege

Europcar Privilege to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

I requested to match my Hertz base to a higher level and got denied because they don't match with Europcar This is the email message that...

Europcar Privilege to Sixt Cards

Just email a photo of the card.