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Europcar Privilege is most likely to Match Status based on 17 of 23 submitted reports (74%).

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Sixt Cards to Europcar Privilege

email to
Attached a picture from my Sixt Status Card

Sixt Cards to Europcar Privilege

we don't have an offical document - The status match is only a temporary offer.

No, If a customer is a Privilege Club Member we match...

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards to Europcar Privilege

Simply mailed Hertz President's Circle card after extremely nice conversation with Europcar hotline.
Got matched to Elite including free...

Sixt Cards to Europcar Privilege

Live in Canada. Matched me in 30min.

Sixt Cards to Europcar Privilege

Denied in Sweden. Status match was a no-go.
Was told I will receive high status in accordance with more rentals from them.

Sixt Cards to Europcar Privilege

Wrote E-Mail with request to match Sixt Platinum - took them 1,5 h to answer and upgrade my profile (physical Card should arrive in 4-6...

Sixt Cards to Europcar Privilege

Mail Foto of platinum Sixt Card to


Schön, dass Sie sich für Europcar und das Privilege...

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Europcar Privilege to Sixt Cards

Just wrote an E-Mail to [in german] and attached a screenshot of my Privilege Elite membership. Just a few hours later...

Europcar Privilege to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

Send them a mail with screenshot from Europcar profile and received following answer:

I received your recent inquiry concerning your...

Europcar Privilege to Sixt Cards

I filled the form incl. copy of my card and...

Europcar Privilege to Avis Preferred

Avis' our preferred car rental provider at work, I had an Europcar Elite VIP card from my previous employer.
Didn't have any problem at...