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Reports for obtaining status with GOL Smiles

LATAM Pass to GOL Smiles

Tried trough social media since GOL don't share any email for contact. Answer was "GOL Smile don't do Status match". They also don't share...

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Reports for leveraging status with GOL Smiles

GOL Smiles to LATAM Pass

Regarding your request, our airline management took the decision not to give status match this year, therefore, there is no possibility or...

GOL Smiles to United Airlines MileagePlus

Fill in form in the MileagePlus website.

GOL Smiles to United Airlines MileagePlus

I have sent necessary documentation and the company informs that it does not have a registered name and what status I am. Sent everything...

GOL Smiles to National Emerald Club

Entered the proof of status (virtual Smiles Diamond Membership Card) in the following page for Status...

GOL Smiles to LATAM Pass

Unbelievably bad company, almost never responding, finally a NO.

GOL Smiles to LATAM Pass

I followed the intruction of asking by Twitter (@LATAM_CHI) the status match: "Hello, how can I status match my Gol Smiles Diamond to LATAM...

GOL Smiles to TudoAzul

Follow my status in Smiles Diamond to Tudoazul.

GOL Smiles to Copa Airlines ConnectMiles

Reciba un cordial saludo en nombre del equipo de ConnectMiles y gracias por su interés en nuestro programa de lealtad.

Referente a su...