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GOL Smiles to Copa Airlines ConnectMiles

Reciba un cordial saludo en nombre del equipo de ConnectMiles y gracias por su interés en nuestro programa de lealtad.

Referente a su...

GOL Smiles to LATAM Pass

A LATAM oferece status match apenas para o LATAM Pass, para LATAM Fidelidade eles não fazem!

GOL Smiles to Aerolineas Plus

Wait one week and, without an email advertising me, the status was upgraded to Gold.

GOL Smiles to Aerolineas Plus

After to wait for long days and send several emails I had the status match ok

GOL Smiles to TudoAzul

I asked for the site and sent the image of my card. In 2 days came the confirmation of status matching for 180 days. If I am...

GOL Smiles to Aerolineas Plus

Aerolineas Plus is now matching with some airlines programs and hotel programs

Smiles (Gol), Latampass or Latamfidelidade (Latam),...