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H-Hotels HotMiles is most likely to Match Status based on 4 of 5 submitted reports (80%).

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Contact by email: statusmatch@h-hotels.com

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Reports for obtaining status with H-Hotels HotMiles

Hilton HHonors to H-Hotels HotMiles

Email to hotmiles@h-hotels.com requesting a status match, replied within 1 business day with match.

Best Western Rewards to H-Hotels HotMiles

Dear Sirs and Madames,
thank you for your message.
The current status match promotion has ended. Unfortunately your request can not be...

Hilton HHonors to H-Hotels HotMiles

h-hotels offer a sweet status match. simply create account and sent a copy of your existing level by mail to statusmatch@h-hotels.com. took...

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Reports for leveraging status with H-Hotels HotMiles

H-Hotels HotMiles to Hilton HHonors

Had to send proof of Status and also last stay, but was finally denied.

We appreciate your interest in attaining elite status with...

H-Hotels HotMiles to Best Western Rewards

Sent the form and they gave me Diamond status immediately.