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IHG Rewards Club is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 12 of 23 submitted reports (52%).

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Reports for obtaining status with IHG Rewards Club

Marriott Bonvoy to IHG Rewards Club

Took advantage of status match offer from website. Filled out online form.

Marriott Bonvoy to IHG Rewards Club

Submitted proof of Titanium Elite with a record of the recent stay at IHG hotels. My membership of IHG upgraded about 10 days later.

Hilton HHonors to IHG Rewards Club

Sent proof of Hilton Honours status with a screenshot of recent stays and status (Gold) and 9 days later was awarded Platinum Elite with a...

Best Western Rewards to IHG Rewards Club

Apply on 17 Jun 2019 through (Only available during 17-30 Jun 2019)

Note: They will...

Hilton HHonors to IHG Rewards Club

The new matching is working

IHG Rewards Club to IHG Rewards Club

Instant Platinum with 5 Stays keep it for more time....

Hilton HHonors to IHG Rewards Club

no way in hell. they can keep their spire status without even breakfast....

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Reports for leveraging status with IHG Rewards Club

IHG Rewards Club to Radisson Rewards

Emailed - Matched to gold within an hour.

IHG Rewards Club to Hilton HHonors

Submitted card screenshot+activity status through form.
Matched within 2 days.
Given 8 stays in 90 days challenge.

IHG Rewards Club to Wyndham Rewards

Approved thru December 2020 with no stay requirements (14days) sent screenshot of IHG status

IHG Rewards Club to Best Western Rewards

Enter your information No need to send copies for proof just provide your loyalty program number....

IHG Rewards Club to NH Rewards

Asked by mail at
Answer : : Dear ....,
First and foremost, we thank you for the trust placed in our loyalty...

IHG Rewards Club to Hilton HHonors

Via hilton website, challenge 8 stays in 3 months.

IHG Rewards Club to National Emerald Club

Submitted on Sunday through website. Completed on Thursday.