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World of Hyatt is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 12 of 20 submitted reports (60%).

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World of Hyatt to Shangri-La Golden Circle

Seeing the previous successful report, immediately sent email to golden circle to ask for status match with the support of both Marriott...

World of Hyatt to National Emerald Club

Filled out form online, submitted screenshot, matched within 1 day.

World of Hyatt to Hilton HHonors

Formal email/sent proof of Hilton status/mentioned upcoming property and wedding anniversary. Denied. Referred to MGM match.

World of Hyatt to Radisson Rewards

Contacted email via and sent a screenshot of my Hyatt tier. Within an hour, I received an email stating I...

World of Hyatt to American Airlines AAdvantage

Hyatt Concierge was able to find the offer and matched.

World of Hyatt to American Airlines AAdvantage

Huge hit for NYE : my concierge called me to offer me a status match for a year to AA Executive Platinum as "one of the best customer of...

World of Hyatt to Hilton HHonors

Only matches to Gold with a 18 stay challenge