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Iberia Plus is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 4 of 4 submitted reports (100%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Iberia Plus

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

"Following your request we would like to inform that itæ„€ not possible to match the status of other loyalty programmes to Iberia Plus. "

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to Iberia Plus

Sent a message thru Iberia's facebook page, got the following response after 20 min:
Hello, XXX.
Unfortunately this (a match) is not...

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to Iberia Plus

Dear xxxxxx:

According to our Programme General Conditions, you need to get 2250 elite points or 50 flights. In your case, it is not...

Iberia Plus

In reply to your e-mail, in which you request matching your current Star Alliance Gold membership (SAS) with our Iberia Plus Gold...

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Reports for leveraging status with Iberia Plus

Iberia Plus to Emirates Skywards

Sent an email through the online contact form, selecting "Emirates Skywards" as a topic. Attached my previous year miles statement with...

Iberia Plus to Qatar Airways Privilege Club

Took a bit more than two weeks. The procedure was already described on FT.

Iberia Plus to Alitalia MilleMiglia

Getting a status match is very easy. Send an email to StatusMatchMilleMiglia@alitalia.com by December 31, 2015 with the following:


Iberia Plus to Sixt Cards

Sixt is accepting requests for status transfers from airline, hotel, and competitor programs. Requests are evaluated on a per case basis....

Iberia Plus to Air Berlin topbonus

Send an email with your Iberia status, they match it for 4 months.....better tan nothing.