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Iberia Plus is most likely to Match Status based on 8 of 11 submitted reports (73%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Iberia Plus

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus


Connected from German Iberia, fulfilled a pdf and contact them. 2 weeks to upgrade

Lufthansa Miles and More to Iberia Plus

Concerning your registration in our Iberia Plus Programme. We inform you that we have proceeded as showed below:
Your Iberia Plus card...

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

Took part in the current status match campaign.
E-Mailed them on the 13th and got matched today, the 26th.

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

Go to http://www.iberia.com/de/iberia-plus-tier-match/
Send a copy of your TB card and the completed form from the web page to...

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

Sent email to ibpcampaign@iberia.es and provided a copy of my airberlin gold card and my Iberia Plus number. Confirmation received within 2...

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

Asked for status match based on the currently advertised promotion for Airberlin customers. Recieved the following reply:


Lufthansa Miles and More to Iberia Plus


AB Gold/AB Platinum/LH Senator/LH HON->Iberia Oro (Sapphire)
AB Silver/LH Frequent...

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Reports for leveraging status with Iberia Plus

Iberia Plus to Emirates Skywards

Sent an email through the online contact form, selecting "Emirates Skywards" as a topic. Attached my previous year miles statement with...

Iberia Plus to Qatar Airways Privilege Club

Took a bit more than two weeks. The procedure was already described on FT.