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Iberia Plus is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 5 of 9 submitted reports (56%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Iberia Plus

Air France Flying Blue to Iberia Plus

Dear Mr. ...:

Regarding your last received email, we would like to inform you that it is not possible to match the status between the...

Lufthansa Miles and More to Iberia Plus

No current matching, according to Iberia

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer to Iberia Plus

Regarding your inquiry about matching your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Elite Silver status to your Iberia Plus Clasica IB xxxxxxxx, we...

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

I send request in November 2017, today (5 April 2018) I recived email that I was matched to Iberia Oro (Gold)

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

We regret to let you know that it is not possible to apply the benefits of the Tier Match Promotion since this one ended on the 1st of...

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

I sent an email to iberia campeign but unfortunately doesn't work. Someone know another email to send in order to get the status match?...

Lufthansa Miles and More to Iberia Plus

As part of an official status match. But was declined because Iberia claims SWISS Miles & More is not the same as Lufthansa Miles & More....

Air Berlin topbonus to Iberia Plus

I followed the Iberia Plus status match instructions for Air Berlin / topbonus from November 2017.

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Reports for leveraging status with Iberia Plus

Iberia Plus to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

Miles&Smiles members who also have membership with the Skyteam (Elite Plus), One World (Emerald), Emirates (Gold - Platinum), Etihad (Gold...

Iberia Plus to Air New Zealand Airpoints

No chance for status match with touch of gold promotion. They want either Virgin or Qantas

Iberia Plus to SriLankan FlySmiles

They status match only with a short list of Partners (mostly One world)

They will match if you do 50% of regular miles required for...

Iberia Plus to Air New Zealand Airpoints

Send an email, got denied several hours later.

Thank you for your interest in the Air New Zealand frequent flyer program.


Iberia Plus to Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer

Emailed velocity CEO and got Explore gold for 3 months. Need 80 status credits to keep it for another year

Iberia Plus to Delta SkyMiles

Requested through their website on February 2nd and received email confirmation on February 16th for a 3 months challenge.

“You are...