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IHG Rewards Club is most likely to Match Status based on 11 of 24 submitted reports (46%).

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IHG Rewards Club to Wyndham Rewards

Fill Matching in Wyndham Hotels and waiting 4-5 business days and got email status matched

IHG Rewards Club to Radisson Rewards

Mail sent to with screen shot of spite card and some recent activity. Response received within 4 minutes...

IHG Rewards Club to National Emerald Club

Was matched before from Delta Gold to Executive.
Requested again from IHG Platinum Elite Ambassador and matched to Executive Elite via...

IHG Rewards Club to Best Western Rewards

Through BW status match form.
Reply came in 2 days and matched to diamond for me.

IHG Rewards Club to China Southern Airlines Sky Pearl Club

Through the co-campaign with IHG on China Southern Airline’s WeChat mini program. Instant match one you bind both of your...

IHG Rewards Club to Best Western Rewards

Signed up for the Best Western Rewards program

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