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My Millennium is most likely to Match Status based on 7 of 8 submitted reports (88%).

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Reports for obtaining status with My Millennium

Hilton HHonors to My Millennium

Received email reply stating that my millennium is a one tier program.
No status matches are offered

Marriott Bonvoy to My Millennium

Just simply sending email with status screen shot and approved withing few hrs informing by email says below

Dear Mr Dennis...

Hilton HHonors to My Millennium

Contact through My Millennium email, simply provides a screenshot of account.

Best Western Rewards to My Millennium

I really just sent one email to Millennium Hotel I just included a screen shot of my best western point total and status. Very fast...

GHA Discovery to My Millennium

sent an email to millennium with screenshots of my GHA Black status with the GHA card. Instant upgrade to Elite status.

IHG Rewards Club to My Millennium

Sent status screenshot and sent to My Millennium Program email address.

GHA Discovery to My Millennium

Send them a mail with a copy of your present staus and match will be done within a day - very quick, fast and in kind of questions the...

Marriott Bonvoy to My Millennium

We are pleased to inform you that we have reviewed your status match request and have upgraded you to our Premium status.

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