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La Quinta Returns is most likely to Match Status based on 17 of 18 submitted reports (94%).

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Reports for obtaining status with La Quinta Returns

Hilton HHonors to La Quinta Returns

Emailed Customer Support with a copy of Hilton Gold Card. 3 days later received a response that I had been matched to Elite.

IHG Rewards Club to La Quinta Returns

Sent in an email with IHG Platinum card and Hilton Gold card and asked for a status match. Got matched to Elite a few hours later.

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Reports for leveraging status with La Quinta Returns

La Quinta Returns to Wyndham Rewards

After upgrading my La Quinta Returns by matching my Best Western Diamond Select I went online and submitted the request to match my La...

La Quinta Returns to Wyndham Rewards

I saw here on Status Matcher that Wyndham wasn't matching status with any external programs but was matching with La Quinta Rewards, which...

La Quinta Returns to Wyndham Rewards

Used Wyndham Rewards Website form

La Quinta Returns to Wyndham Rewards

After match La Quinta from my Best Western Rewards, took advantage of the automatic match between La Quinta and Wyndham at...

La Quinta Returns to Hilton HHonors
Submitted screenshots. Received response in 2 days.

La Quinta Returns to Best Western Rewards

By email at