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LATAM Pass is most likely to Match Status based on 56 of 82 submitted reports (68%).

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Reports for obtaining status with LATAM Pass

GOL Smiles to LATAM Pass

I sent a copy of the GOL card, Smiles account statement and LATAM flights in the last 12 months.

Air France Flying Blue to LATAM Pass

sent email with copy of recent flight reservation, scan of FB gold pass and miles statement. Got prompt reply that match was approved.

Aegean Airlines Miles and Bonus to LATAM Pass

Sent a photo of Aegean Gold card, Latam boarding pass that was 7 months old and a screenshot of Aegean miles account (showing a flight to...

Copa Airlines ConnectMiles to LATAM Pass

Sent an email in spanish to:, explaining that I was Presidential Platinum on Copa and that planned to...

TudoAzul to LATAM Pass

Valido até 31/03/2018

Vietnam Airlines Golden Lotus Plus to LATAM Pass

Please note that we can not upgrade your category, because Skyteam is a totally different alliance than ours (Oneworld Alliance...

United Airlines MileagePlus to LATAM Pass

Contacted them through Twitter to start the process. They ask for a scanned copy of your card, your activity report of the last 12 months,...

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to LATAM Pass

I've sent an e-mail to with a copy of my Elite Plus card, my statement and a proof of a flight taken with them...

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Reports for leveraging status with LATAM Pass

LATAM Pass to Air New Zealand Airpoints

Kia ora Mr ********,

Thank you for your interest in the Air New Zealand frequent flyer program – Airpoints.

When considering a...

LATAM Pass to Air China PhoenixMiles

"Dear Sir or Madam,

We are pleased to receive your email.

We are very pleased to help but we are sorry that we are...

LATAM Pass to Delta SkyMiles

Used the link, applied for the status match challenge. Got response after over 3 weeks:
You are now enrolled in the...

LATAM Pass to United Airlines MileagePlus

Having read about the United status match challenge, applied online from my United profile (as I had 2 United flights booked) and got an...

LATAM Pass to Finnair Plus

Hello ********

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunatelly we do not have any status match campaing going on right now.


LATAM Pass to United Airlines MileagePlus

Sent the request by specific form, with the receipt from latam. Easy and fast.

LATAM Pass to Copa Airlines ConnectMiles

Received the following message:

Thank you for your interest in ConnectMiles.

We are developing a new product to assign PreferMember...