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LATAM Pass is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 10 of 11 submitted reports (91%).

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Reports for obtaining status with LATAM Pass

Avianca LifeMiles to LATAM Pass

I contacted LATAM through their website contact form, saying that I was thinking about shifting my business travel from Avianca to LATAM....

Lufthansa Miles and More to LATAM Pass

no Match, was Denied. Mails only in Spanish/Portuguese

Alitalia MilleMiglia to LATAM Pass

Contacted via website - best to write in Spanish. Stated I was travelling regularly to Latin America and wanted to move my business to...

GOL Smiles to LATAM Pass

Asked for any status. It was denied.

GOL Smiles to LATAM Pass

Regarding your request, our airline management took the decision not to give status match this year, therefore, there is no possibility or...

GOL Smiles to LATAM Pass

Unbelievably bad company, almost never responding, finally a NO.

GOL Smiles to LATAM Pass

I followed the intruction of asking by Twitter (@LATAM_CHI) the status match: "Hello, how can I status match my Gol Smiles Diamond to LATAM...

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