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Reports for obtaining status with LATAM Pass

Alitalia MilleMiglia to LATAM Pass

Email received from :

"Estimado Socio:

Junto con saludarle, informamos que no es posible...

Aegean Airlines Miles and Bonus to LATAM Pass

It took some time - emailed them (in Spanish) sending my Latam itinerary and a copy of my StarAlliance Gold card. Got a response they...

Jet Airways JetPrivilege to LATAM Pass

The first email sent in January 2016 but I was requested to fly with one of any Latam flight before the approval. After that, I recently...

Aerolineas Plus to LATAM Pass

Envié un e-mail a con una copia del estado de cuenta, movimientos y la tarjeta física AR Plus, así...

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to LATAM Pass

wrote an e-mail in Spanish to with a copy of account statement and physical card as well as a...

Alitalia MilleMiglia to LATAM Pass

Depois de um processo que durou mais de 2 meses, concederam o benefício até 31 de Março de 2017, mesma data do meu atual cartão da...

American Airlines AAdvantage to LATAM Pass

Amazing, I tried more than one time.
They simple don't have any clue what StatusMatch means, no matter how I try to explain

Avianca Brazil Amigo to LATAM Pass

Sent an e-mail in spanish to including my Freccia Alata Plus card, year statement and a few flights...

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