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GHA Discovery is most likely to Match Status based on 4 of 7 submitted reports (57%).

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Reports for obtaining status with GHA Discovery

Hilton HHonors to GHA Discovery

Contact via

Hilton HHonors to GHA Discovery

Already GHA Platinum. They Match If there is at least one Activity in the Last 24 months in GHA Account

Hilton HHonors to GHA Discovery

Sent in a a polite email to and asked them if they would kindly invite me to the Black tier of their program by matching...

Hilton HHonors to GHA Discovery

Emailed GHA Discovery but never got a reply to status match from my Hilton Honors Diamond to their GHA Discovery Black...

Marriott Bonvoy to GHA Discovery


Thank you for your email.

Kempinski Discovery does not offer any status matches.

Please let us know if you have any further...

GHA Discovery to GHA Discovery

This matching is more interesting that any hotel status matching as you won't need to pass the challenge (of the 1st stay) AND match you at...

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Reports for leveraging status with GHA Discovery

GHA Discovery to NH Rewards

within 24h via mail

GHA Discovery to NH Rewards

Sending an email to with the request for a status match. 2 days later i received the confirmation, that a GHA...

GHA Discovery to NH Rewards

Sent an email to NH Rewards, containing information on my GHA Discovery Platinum Status. An email a few days later, was sent to my email...

GHA Discovery to Best Western Rewards

Thank you for your Status Match No Catch request. To upgrade your Best
Western Rewards account to the...

GHA Discovery to Hilton HHonors

Official status match via dedicated Hilton Platform. Sent copy of membership card and bookings of last 12 months.

Status match would be...

GHA Discovery to Hilton HHonors

Submitted GHA Black status plus proof of stay to the HHonors challenge website. Got matched with Diamond (with 8 stays in 90 days...

GHA Discovery to NH Rewards

Offered through email, completed within minutes through link:

We strive to bring...