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Club Carlson is most likely to Match Status based on 94 of 105 submitted reports (90%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Club Carlson

Starwood Preferred Guest to Club Carlson

Emailed StatusMatch@radissonhotels.com

You'll need to provide your full name and your Radisson Rewards (formerly Club Carlson) account...

Hilton HHonors to Club Carlson

Program has been relaunched as Radisson Rewards. I just emailed my card to StatusMatch@radissonhotels.com and they matched in 5...

Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus to Club Carlson

Sent screenshot of excisting level at Eurobonus to StatusMatch@radissonhotels.com
Replay and upgrade within 12 hrs

Best Western Rewards to Club Carlson

Matched from Diamond Select to Gold Elite status. Provided photo of card from BW showing member number and status...

Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus to Club Carlson

Sent proof of Eurobonus gold, got matched to radisson rewards gold after 1 day

GHA Discovery to Club Carlson

Email StatusMatch@radissonhotels.com with proof. They only match up to Gold.

Choice Privileges to Club Carlson

Sent email to StatusMatch@CarlsonRezidor.com for a status match from Choice Hotels. Status match Platinum to Gold thru February 2019. Sent...

GHA Discovery to Club Carlson

Contacted Club Carlson/ Radisson by e-mail. They didn't match GHA Discovery at all..

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Reports for leveraging status with Club Carlson

Club Carlson to Best Western Rewards

I just sent an email to the status match with a copy of my Club Carlson Gold card and my Best Western Rewards Number, and was given diamond...

Club Carlson to Best Western Rewards

Email to StatusMatch@bestwestern.com

Club Carlson to Best Western Rewards

Sent the form to Best Western and scan of Club Carlson Gold card, to the following address: statusmatch@bestwestern.com.
In several hours...

Club Carlson to Choice Privileges

The answer was as follows:
"I apologize for any inconvenience, however we are currently only offering the Elite Status Match program to...

Club Carlson to Hilton HHonors

Used the status match page: https://hiltonhhonors.hiltonapps.com/
Status matched within 3 days.

Club Carlson to Hilton HHonors

Sent picture of CCG card and receit from last stay with them. I used https://hiltonhhonors.hiltonapps.com Match received in two-three...

Club Carlson to Hilton HHonors

Sent membership status and list of recent stays using their website. Received mail with confirmation of Upgrade to Gold status in less than...