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S7 Priority is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 3 of 5 submitted reports (60%).

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Aeroflot Bonus to S7 Priority

They are both Russian careers so I hoped for a match, but no good.. Contacted by customer service link, provided Aeroflot statement and...

Aeroflot Bonus to S7 Priority

Get challenge with 50% discount of required status miles a year period.

Air Berlin topbonus to S7 Priority

I contact them through their website

Then using...

American Airlines AAdvantage to S7 Priority


Thank you for your interest to S7 Airlines and S7 Priority program! Due to the rules 4.2. The Classic level is awarded to a...

Air Berlin topbonus to S7 Priority

The current promotion is not availaible for already existing members of S7 Priority.

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S7 Priority to Oman Air Sindbad

This response was received:

We have checked the documents that you have sent us for the tier match. Unfortunately we will not be able to...