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SAS EuroBonus is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 2 of 2 submitted reports (100%).

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Reports for obtaining status with SAS EuroBonus

Lufthansa Miles and More to SAS EuroBonus

Called Eurobonus , explained situation that I moved from Munich to Oslo. Possible want to fly more SAS.
Big issue is if I need to travel...

Lufthansa Miles and More to SAS EuroBonus

Gold or diamond match not possible. Only possible by flying.

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Reports for leveraging status with SAS EuroBonus

SAS EuroBonus to AirBaltic PINS

I got it matched from SAS EBB Gold to Air Baltic VIP (=higherst Status). Plus one year in addition to my current SAS Status. Thanks to air...

SAS EuroBonus to Radisson Rewards

Sent Picture of card with request.
Email reply with confirmed match within 5 min.
Upgrade valid one year.

SAS EuroBonus to Radisson Rewards

Sent email to statusmatch@ and kindly asked for status match and included a print screen of my gold card from SAS EuroBonus. Approved and...

SAS EuroBonus to Radisson Rewards

Sent an e-mail to kindly asking for a statusmatch to Radisson Rewards Platinum with a copy of my EBD card....

SAS EuroBonus to Radisson Rewards

Sent email to and humbly asked for a status match, with my EB-card attaches. Got a respond within 3 hours.

SAS EuroBonus to Thon Discovery

Contacted Thon Hotel customer service by email with my EB-card attached. Responded that they could not offer a status match.

SAS EuroBonus to Radisson Rewards

Tried to provide them with four pictures, in their requested formats PDF and JPEG, sent from two different computers and emails. No matter...

SAS EuroBonus to Best Western Rewards

Tried filling out the form online based on previous experiences. Got the following response:

We apologize for any confusion, but we only...