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Sixt Cards is most likely to Match Status based on 58 of 59 submitted reports (98%).

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Caesars Total Rewards to Sixt Cards

Send an email to customer service at via, requesting status match with my screen shot of Caesars...

National Emerald Club to Sixt Cards

Emailed with a screenshot of my Emerald Club membership card. Less than 12h turnaround time.

National Emerald Club to Sixt Cards

Emailed with PDF of National eStatement. Status updated in 9 hours.

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to Sixt Cards

I live in Germany and just wrote an E Mail to the Sixt customer Service. (
I had attached a screenshot of my...

Best Western Rewards to Sixt Cards

By email provided below.

Sixt Cards

Used my Mastercard Black to upgrade do Sixt Cards Platinum. Sent an e-mail to with de text:

Dear Sixt,
I would like...

National Emerald Club to Sixt Cards

send an email to and attach the screenshot of National Executive Elite. Took less than 24 hours to match.

Lufthansa Miles and More to Sixt Cards

Sent an email to, asking for a status match for Gold.

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