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Sixt Cards is most likely to Match Status based on 53 of 57 submitted reports (93%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Sixt Cards

GOL Smiles to Sixt Cards

Just complete the form on Sixt website.

Qatar Airways Privilege Club to Sixt Cards

Upgraded instantly, just complete CARD UPGRADE section right after email confirmation with photo attached.

Air Berlin topbonus to Sixt Cards

The issue of your Sixt Card will be arranged immediately. It will be forwarded to you by mail within the next 2 weeks.* You can reserve...

Best Western Rewards to Sixt Cards

Signed up, screenshot of BW Diamond card, received instant Platinum

Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus to Sixt Cards

Registered on website, followed steps and upgraded to Platinum in a while.

Best Western Rewards to Sixt Cards

Followed instructions upon registration. Instant upgrade.

Starwood Preferred Guest to Sixt Cards

SPG Lifetime Gold and 9 year Platinum. Requested status match to SITX. Platinum match approved.

Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus to Sixt Cards

Just created an account at Sixt and then followed the instructions. New Platinum card within a minute.

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Reports for leveraging status with Sixt Cards

Sixt Cards to Lufthansa Miles and More

Was just a try, of course without any chance..

Sixt Cards to National Emerald Club

Thank you for reaching out to me with your request for a status request. I am very glad that you are interested in joining the Emerald Club...

Sixt Cards to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

I have received your recent inquiry concerning your Hertz #1 Club Gold membership status.

I apologize for any misunderstanding...

Sixt Cards to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

I was in the Gold program from Hertz to 2008. No more bookings since and they silently kicked me out. I request the same status as in 2008...

Sixt Cards to Europcar Privilege

Sent only copy of Sixt Platinum Card to before doing any rentals from Sixt or Europcar, and they matched me...

Sixt Cards to El Al Matmid Club

Got a reply from TIER@ELAL.CO.IL that they do not match Sixt Diamond and IHG Platinum Elite.