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Starlux Cosmile is most likely to Match Status based on 20 of 25 submitted reports (80%).

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Reports for obtaining status with Starlux Cosmile

Japan Airlines FLY ON to Starlux Cosmile

sent email with recent flight records and photocopy of the status card and got accepted a month later.
I also showed ANA's super flyers...

Malaysia Airlines Enrich to Starlux Cosmile

Fill in the form and email to with your recently 12 months highest flying record
It will take...

Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club to Starlux Cosmile

Followed their online procedure and matched within a few days.

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer to Starlux Cosmile

requested using their form, waited 1,5 month to recieve status change by mail today - was a bit tricky and needed to contact them 2 times,...

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer to Starlux Cosmile

Go to
Fill out their tier matching form and attach you latest year flying...

Aegean Airlines Miles and Bonus to Starlux Cosmile

Status Match was denied after about one month.

United Airlines MileagePlus to Starlux Cosmile

Waited for 3 weeks to get the result, very generous of them. However, their seats in J cabin is very limited, hope they change their design...

ANA Mileage Club to Starlux Cosmile

Request status match online (with email) with proof of the membership card and past 12 months of fly records. New status expires in 4...

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