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TAP MilesAndGo is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 4 of 9 submitted reports (44%).

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Reports for obtaining status with TAP MilesAndGo

Air France Flying Blue to TAP MilesAndGo

No program to match status. No challenge program.

Avianca Brazil Amigo to TAP MilesAndGo

After 08 weeks, Miles and Go confirmed.

Match until jul. 2021.

Air France Flying Blue to TAP MilesAndGo

On registration with TAP Miles&Go, I uploaded my FB card, and created a ticket inquiring about next step.

After a considerable time, I...

American Airlines AAdvantage to TAP MilesAndGo

Contacted TAP via email with proof of Platinum status with American Airlines Advantage.

GOL Smiles to TAP MilesAndGo

I saw this information at tap website.

Avianca Brazil Amigo to TAP MilesAndGo


Iberia Plus to TAP MilesAndGo

Requested match status and they replied:

Caro Sr. Manuel Monterroso,

Informamos que a equivalĂȘncia de estatutos entre programas de...

TudoAzul to TAP MilesAndGo

Contacted via e-mail. Sent proof of my current status.

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TAP MilesAndGo to El Al Matmid Club

They do not have status match between TAP to Elal.