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United Airlines MileagePlus is most likely to offer a Challenge based on 40 of 66 submitted reports (61%).

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Reports for obtaining status with United Airlines MileagePlus

Etihad Guest to United Airlines MileagePlus

Followed the match instructions on the website. Match approved within 12 hours. Must complete 18000 miles on United within 90 days ---...

TudoAzul to United Airlines MileagePlus

Thanks for taking the time to write to us.

We appreciate your interest in the Premier Status Match Challenge; however, we do not...

Air Berlin topbonus to United Airlines MileagePlus

I contacted United via their online form and uploaded my current Air Berlin card. I also included context on a move to the US and my desire...

American Airlines AAdvantage to United Airlines MileagePlus

I was CK in American and now executive Platinum. I have been executive Platinum for last 12 years. I want to switch to United Airlines.

Japan Airlines FLY ON to United Airlines MileagePlus

This is how I've gotten Marriott Gold and SPG Gold from JMB Sapphire (not JGC Sapphire).
JMB Sapphire → United Premier Gold (3 months...

Alitalia MilleMiglia to United Airlines MileagePlus

Since my Alitalia status was given because of the status match, United didn't give me the match.
Below is the answer from UA.


American Airlines AAdvantage to United Airlines MileagePlus

Went to united.com/web/en-US/apps/mileageplus/promotions/registrationDetails.aspx?promoCode=TB8230 and submitted a photo of my AA card. Got...

United Airlines MileagePlus to United Airlines MileagePlus

Requested a status challenge from no status to Premier Silver via website. Denied

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Reports for leveraging status with United Airlines MileagePlus

United Airlines MileagePlus to American Airlines AAdvantage

I am both United Premier 1K and Delta Diamond Medallion Million Miler. I emailed American Airlines Customer Service and they asked me to...

United Airlines MileagePlus to American Airlines AAdvantage

Refused to even look at my United flights, 3 years of Platinum, all I was offered was a Challenge 90d, 16 segments, 12,500m - and there was...

United Airlines MileagePlus to American Airlines AAdvantage

Called AA on 1.800.882.8880 and they offered to match 1K to Exec Platinum with proof of existing status so long as.

United Airlines MileagePlus to LATAM Pass

Talked to LATAM over twitter @LATAM_CHI asking them to match my UA Gold - followed the instructions from there - about 10 days.

United Airlines MileagePlus to Copa Airlines ConnectMiles

Received this email:

Greetings from ConnectMiles and thank you for your interest in our Loyalty Program.
Regarding you request, we...

United Airlines MileagePlus to American Airlines AAdvantage

Called AAdvantage customer service, was offered Gold match for $130 +

Meet the following requirements in a 3 month timeframe:


United Airlines MileagePlus to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Sent email with screen shot of United account (edited out certain details but left miles shown) and also the membership card (electronic...

United Airlines MileagePlus to Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club

They agreed to give me immediately Marco Polo Silver for free.
I've contacted them via the Marco Polo contact mail. You can't call their...