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Club Vistara is most likely to Match Status based on 3 of 6 submitted reports (50%).

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British Airways Executive Club to Club Vistara

Vistara offer complimentary status match to Gold and Platinum holders of other programs (top two tiers).
As BA does not have a platinum...

Jet Airways JetPrivilege to Club Vistara

Got a temporary match for 3 months.

Jet Airways JetPrivilege to Club Vistara

Though (frustratingly) the call centre told me its not possible, received an e mail with complimentary upgrade to gold status for 3 months.

Etihad Guest to Club Vistara

Emailed with screenshot of Etihad Guest account showing gold status. 4 days later recieved the following...

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to Club Vistara

Contacted via e-mail: contactus (at) along with a photo of my Turkish Elite card. Matched in two days with Gold status...

Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles to Club Vistara

Status match very fast and simple. Took 2 hours between registration to Club Vistara, status match application and response.
Enter first...

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