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SAS EuroBonus is most likely to Deny a Status Match based on 3 of 3 submitted reports (100%).

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Reports for obtaining status with SAS EuroBonus

Lufthansa Miles and More to SAS EuroBonus

Called Eurobonus , explained situation that I moved from Munich to Oslo. Possible want to fly more SAS.
Big issue is if I need to travel...

Lufthansa Miles and More to SAS EuroBonus

Gold or diamond match not possible. Only possible by flying.

United Airlines MileagePlus to SAS EuroBonus

Told SAS do not status match in chat with rep.

The biggest problem is the luggage, with UA gold across the Atlantic I can have 2 X...

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Reports for leveraging status with SAS EuroBonus

SAS EuroBonus to Radisson Rewards

Sent email to StatusMatch@radissonhotels.com detailing my membership numbers in both programs and a photo of my eurobonus gold...

SAS EuroBonus to Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles

Sent on M&S web form a copy of the Plastic card and requested status matched. First was denied then I’ve asked explanations and then a...

SAS EuroBonus to Radisson Rewards

Email photo of card to StatusMatch@radissonhotels.com and the match was done within 24 hours. 1 year of Gold unless earned.

SAS EuroBonus to Scandic Friends

Scandic does not status match

SAS EuroBonus to El Al Matmid Club

Deny - They do not status match between SAS and ELAL.