Avianca Brazil Amigo Report: Deny

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I see all these flyers saying they got a status match with Avianca in the last 2 months, and don't know if we should believe it.
The status match program ended on November 31st and I tried 3 times with Air Berlin Topbonus Gold (28 Dec), Air France Flying Blue Platinum (7 Jan) and Alitalia Millemiglia Freccialata (20 Jan). They always answered with this e-mail:

"Dear Customer
Thank you for participating on the Status Match Promotion. All requests that were sent until Nov/30/2015 will be analysed and answered until the end of December.
Sincerely, Programa AMIGO"
But after this I never had any other feedback.

So I really don't know if it is full of fakes in this website or I'm just the only unlucky one.
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From: Guest on February 24, 2016