Royal Jordanian Airlines Royal Plus Report: Match

From Alitalia MilleMiglia Freccia Alata Club
To Royal Jordanian Airlines Royal Plus Gold Plus

I first mailed the
They listed several criteria with the reply mail, including,
1-The frequent flyer member must be a current Elite member on a competitive Airline valid for 12 months from the airline.
2-A recent boarding pass that shows your current status.
3-Provides a copy of the card and a statement of account for the past 12 months.
4-Should register in the Royal plus program.
5-Provides a booking and a ticket on Royal Jordanian

So I mailed them with the above-mentioned documents and was asked to reply once again after my first leg of flights have been credited. I mailed the after my first flights and was upgraded to Gold tier(Sapphire) on the same day.
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From: Guest on May 22, 2016