Finnair Plus Report: Deny

From Avianca Brazil Amigo Diamond
To Finnair Plus

Finnair denied match status.
I sent elite status cards Avianca, Smiles and TudoAzul and none of them was enough to convince me they grant level elite.
There is no need to discuss the status granting policies ... every company knows its policies and is sovereign to decide so.
In Finnair, the status will only be granted through flights on the company.
But ... there are several firms that make flights to the same destinations where Finnair flies, and certainly a parameter that weighs heavily in the choice is to have a level status, which may have some benefit.
Although the company is sovereign, thought deny a status, at least silver for a client that has diamond status in another program, it was a non-friendly policy to awaken the customer's interest in knowing the services it provides.
From: Guest on July 12, 2016