Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Report: Challenge

From Avianca Brazil Amigo Gold
To Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold

Emailed but responses were sent by Virgin from .

I also offered my BA Silver but the Amigo was matched as it is Gold, whether it confers Gold Star Alliance benefits helped I don't know. I was offered a Silver Virgin card with a challenge to Gold. It took quite a few emails for them to verify information even though they confirmed in principle on the first email they would provide Silver and a Gold challenge.

Dear xxxxxx

Thank you for your email.

We don't offer a direct status match to Gold Flying Club membership status, but we do offer an "Instant Silver, Fast Track to Gold" programme.

Members normally have to earn 40 tier points within 12 months to achieve Flying Club Gold status. With this offer, you only need to earn 20 tier points in 7 months.

You could, therefore, achieve Gold status by completing the equivalent of two Upper Class return flights.

The many benefits of both Silver and Gold status can be found on our website at:

Once you become a Gold member, you must fly frequently enough that you maintain 40 tier points a year and must be flying in Upper Class or Premium Economy cabin.

For us to consider you for this offer, we ask that you:
- Are already a Flying Club member
- Have a forthcoming confirmed International revenue flight booked with Virgin Atlantic, in either the Upper Class or Premium Economy cabin.
- Hold a Gold or equivalent status with another airline

Flights taken before or during the application process cannot be counted towards your request for matching status.

In order to begin this application, please email the following information to us:

- Details of your forthcoming flight with Virgin Atlantic (booking reference, route and date)
- A PDF copy of your statement with Avianca (Star Alliance) confirming your current status.
- Your proposed frequency and class of travel with Virgin Atlantic in the next 7 months.

Once we have these details, we will be happy to apply "Instant Silver, Fast Track to Gold" to your account.

We look forward to hearing from you further.

Kind regards

Flying Club Support
From: flyoff on October 11, 2016